Martin Riverdale/The Red Spark (Revealed in prologue)
Superhero, father of two, and the first to receive superpowers from an early version of VIPER’s Agent Serum.
When James was five, Martin disappeared; neither his life or death were ever confirmed, but James is convinced his father is alive.

James Riverdale/The Swift Spark (Revealed in Chapter 1)

James Riverdale is the Red Spark's son. He discovers his superpowers per accident, and becomes the target of VIPER, the company that tried to capture and take down James's father years earlier. When he discovers his father was a superhero, he decides to put his powers to good use and tread in his father's footsteps. James has one major goal: Finding out where his father has gone.


Anna Srisati (Revealed in Chapter 1)

Fifteen-year-old Anna Srisati is James's partner-in-crime. She's quick and agile, witty and clever. Her father was a military man, and she wishes to follow in his footsteps. After the military, she's thinking of becoming a private investigator. Anna quickly figures out James's secret identity (besides the fact that it's quite obvious). She pretends not to know, out of respect for her friend and both their safety. She does keep a close eye on him and follows his Spark-identity for the school newspaper as an excuse.

? (Will be revealed in Chapter 2)
? (Will be revealed in Chapter 2)