Martin Riverdale - Alias: Red Spark

Age: 41 Gender: Male Birthday: November 3rd

Martin is James and Samira's father, formerly known as the Red Spark. He disappeared eleven years ago. It's unsure whether or not he's still alive, but James believes that he is. Martin is a slightly introverted, shy guy, but gains a confidence boost as the Red Spark. When he was injected with the serum, his eyesight improved - but to maintain his secret identity, he kept wearing his glasses with regular glass instead of claiming he was wearing contacts, as contacts made him uncomfortable.

James Riverdale - Alias: Swift Spark

Age: 15-16 Gender: Male Birthday: August 31st
James Riverdale is the main hero of the series.

When he was five, his father disappeared whilst working for a secret government organisation. Now, eleven years later, James is on a mission to find out what happened to his father.

James sometimes has trouble focusing his attention on one specific thing, preferring to do many things at a time - this occasionally gets him in trouble. He also has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew, and is hesitant to admit it whenever he does so. Luckily, his super-friends are always by his side to helm him.


Anna Kalani 

Age: 16-17 Gender: Female Birthday: June 9th

Anna Kalani is James's best friend since kindergarten and partner-in-crime. She's quick and agile, witty and clever. Her father was a military man, and she wishes to follow in his footsteps. After the military, she's thinking of becoming a private investigator. Anna quickly figures out James's secret identity (besides the fact that it's quite obvious). She pretends not to know, out of respect for her friend and both their safety. She does keep a close eye on him and follows his Spark-identity for the school newspaper as an excuse.

Samira Riverdale - Alias: Ebony Assassin

Age: 17-18 Gender: female Birthday: June 3rd

Samira is James's older sister and primary caretaker whenever their mother isn't around. Due to the fact that she's often been left alone with her brother, she's become rather protective of him, sometimes even too much so - but she'll always make sure that he's safe.

She has been aware of her father's true identity for years - although it's still unsure how she truly found out. It could have something to do with Angelo - considering he acted as their main babysitter when Samira was too young to look after the house.


Bella Garcia - Alias: Occulta

Age: 18 Gender: Female Birthday: October 10th

Bella Garcia is Samira's best friend.

She's cute, kind and bubbly, but when pushed, she gets snappy and can get a serious attitude. She also gets along well with Anna, even though they don't get to interact that often. Bella's eyes have shifted to a lighter shade of blue than they originally were since first activating her powers.

Antonio Bouchard - Alias: Blindeye

Age: 18-19 Gender: Male Birthday: May 21st

Antonio Bouchard was the deteuragonist in the first half of the webcomic, but has now turned to James and the others' side.

He and James share some animosity in their past - James is well-liked by his classmates, and as class president has even managed to make changes within the school that go past his own grade. Antonio, on the other hand, is a bit of an outcast due to communicative problems that cause many people to judge him rather quickly - and harshly. When he finds himself in a group of friends that treat him normally, however, he becomes kind and determined to protect them.

Thomas Bennett - Alias: Phantom

Age: 18 Gender: Male Birthday: February 22nd

Thomas is Antonio's best friend.

On the outside he seems cynical and sarcastic, but he has a soft spot for his friends. He lives with his father; for an unknown reason, Thomas's mother left them to live in the UK. He somewhat resents her for this, but loves her no matter what, never refusing a phone call from her.

Daniel Collins - VIPER CEO

Age: 36 Gender: Male Birthday: December 19th

Daniel Collins, son of Arthur Collins, is the main villain of the show and the CEO of VIPER, Inc. as his father's successor. His goal is to capture the Swift Spark and to use his powers for VIPER's own gain.

Angelo Riverdale - LIGHTNING Employee

Age: 41 Gender: Male Birthday: November 3rd

Angelo is Martin's twin brother, and the lead scientist of the LIGHTNING taskforce. He's been quietly working to take down VIPER, but proved unsuccessful until James came along. Now, he helps his niece and nephew on their mission - seemingly harboring some secrets of his own.

Cheyenne Riverdale-Davis

Age: 42 Gender: Female Birthday: September 19th

Cheyenne is James and Samira's mother. She doesn't know what happened to her husband, but the circumstances as to why seem rather suspicious. She works as a flight attendant and is barely at home, but trusts her children can take care of themselves.